The Restoration Factory

An innovative incubation program for eco-entrepreneurs developing nature-based business

During the past 3 years, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Bridge for Billions and several other partners have joined forces to create an incubation program that will support enterprises with the potential to restore natural ecosystems and preserve landscapes. The program is now been developed in more than 12 countries across the globe.

The Restoration Factory has been created to support the emergence of commercially-viable, community-inclusive, and climate-resilient businesses that restore ecosystems and preserve landscapes.



Restoration Factory Global Cohort

China, Sao Tome et Principe, Pakistan, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Myanmar & United Republic of Tanzania  

With the support of


Restoration Factory Kenia

With the support of


Restoration Factory Amazônia Brasil

(In progress)

The Restoration Factory program was created with the idea that restoration and business experts can join forces to rebuild a better future.

Entrepreneurs of different countries were provided with high quality training and mentorship, empowering them to grow their business ideas.

The stories behind

Value chains represented

From bee-keeping to tree nursery, from high value crops to water or waste management.
These climate-resilient businesses were trained to restore ecosystems and preserve landscapes not only in diverse countries but also in different value chains.

Skills developed by entrepreneurs

Say they learnt to prove the viability of their project
Say they learnt how to better structure their business
Say they understand their customers better
Say they learnt how to better structure their business
Say they learnt how to monetize their project

Project Highlights

Shiro Ndirangu

Our mission is to connect Smallholder farmers with the right market for their Fresh produce (mainly Avocado). We do this by ensuring that the customers have the highest quality fresh produce that can be traced to an individual farmer. We care about the environment our and our aim is to conserve and restore already degraded land in areas where work together with local communities and in turn improve their livelihoods.

Job Mumia

Asili Essential Oils is a green business involved in adding value to plants species. To achieve our objective, the business extract essential oils and formulate bathing products. We also train farmers on cultivating herbs organically and purchase the produce from them. Asili Essential Oils support restoration of the environment, recycling of waste and package products with biodegradable.

Narropil Honey Enterprises
Piranto Mosiany

Narropil Honey Enterprises is formed by members of the Maasai tribe. Honey is a vital part of our culture and our lives. In Kenya, bees represent growth in environmental sustainability and economic support. We currently produce and markets high quality liquid honey and honeycomb.

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